Whether you like it or not...

The Rules In Corporate America Are Different For Women Of Color 


In 2013, as the only college educated person in my department, I got passed up for a promotion by some overly confident dumb-dumb who could barely spell his name, let alone lead a team of people. 

When I asked for feedback on what I could've done differently....

I was told "You didn't do anything wrong. We just feel like he's better suited for the position. Maybe in a year or two you can reapply."  

A year or two?!  

  • That "better suited" guy was literally subpar at his job. When he wasn't at my desk asking for answers, he was on Google checking out the latest sports headlines. 

  • Because of his lack of focus, I was constantly asked by management to clean up his mistakes. (This was done quietly, of course. They didn't want to bruise his lil ego.)

  • I created a presentation for the execs that showed them a more efficient workflow for my department. My supervisor shot it down. Six months later, he teamed up with dumb-dumb, took my presentation, and presented it as his idea to the execs.

After all of that, all of my willingness to go above and beyond for the company, to look the other way, to take the high road and sacrifice myself for the company...I got passed up for the promotion by someone with less credentials. The company expected me to "just smile" and keep it moving.  

Was it because I was Black? Fat? Educated?  

I couldn't help but wonder if those were the reasons why I wasn't good enough for the job. Frustrated, I rewrote my resume and started applying to other jobs. I handed in my resignation a month later. 

And that's when they threw their panties at me like I was Trey Songz or Bruno Mars or something.  

They offered to change my job title (too little too late, plus there's no money in that), they offered to "promote" me to a different department (which was a lateral move and no pay raise), they offered to give me additional pennies to my salary (which is money I should have received at my annual review in the first place but my supervisor withheld for his own selfish reasons. And that pissed me off even more!)  

Like a girlfriend hearing her cheating boyfriend say "you made me do it", I left the conference room before I literally hurt somebody.  

This Ain't New

 A recent client of mine was passed up for a promotion because the hiring manager believed that she was going to be "too ambitious for her own good".  

When she asked the hiring manager for clarification, he stated, "you'll learn this job really fast. You'll get good at it and then before we know it, you're ready for your next challenge."  

Sounds like traits a company would want in all of their employees, right?

According to my client, they hired a fresh faced college grad with zero experience. To add insult to injury, this guy was supposed to shadow my client to learn the "foundational elements" of the job.  

These stories are not unique.  

In fact, they are so commonplace that it's become the new normal. Forbes has an article dissecting these "promotion pass-ups" using the recent study done by McKinsey & Company and LeanIn.org.  

The study reveals that women of color are applying for promotions at the same rate as their white male counterparts, they're just not getting the positions.  

The sad truth is...  

Despite many companies yelling from the rooftops that they are all about diversity and inclusion, what they fail to mention is...  

The rules are different for us Us = women of color.  

A ditzy blonde with less education and experience will get an offer for a higher ranking position than a woman of color.  

In corporate life, when it comes to promotions, it's men first, then the white women, and then the scraps are left for the women of color to fight over.  

It's supposed to be different by now, right?!

Hey, I don't make the rules! Nor do I live in "ideal land". I live in what is. That's the way it is (for now), and the way it's been for a long time.  

These are deeply ingrained beliefs and corporate practices that have been around much longer than you and I have been on this Earth. The "powers that be" don't want a mirror held up in their faces because it makes them feel ashamed. So they throw around buzz words like "diversity" and "lean in" and hope it makes it all better.  

Is this job landscape better than my grandmother's era?  


Can be it ten times better than it is now?  

You damn right it can be! But that's not going to happen in the next 3 months, 6 months, or hell even 12 months.  

Statistics don't make companies change their ways. At all. So expect to see this same shenanigans for decades to come (especially once humanoid robots hit the workplace).  

It doesn't matter what or how Corporate America behaves in the long run. What matters is... what are you going to do about it? 

If you want a bump in salary or are ready for a new challenge...

What system do you have in place when you want a new job or promotion? 

If you're reactive (instead of strategic) to Corporate America shenanigans, you will accept jobs that are beneath you, worse than the company you left, or offers you no upward mobility. 

 I can show you how to change all of that. I can show you...

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Who am I and why should you even listen to me?

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Stick yo chest out like a peacock and act overly confident if you want to..see how far it gets you.... 

As a woman of color, most of the advice in career books and websites don't work for us. When we're confident "the powers that be" get a little skurred. (Haven't you noticed?!)

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